See how our seasoned team can become your shield against Internet threats. Our weaponry includes surveillance, protection, investigation, and training tools inspired by the most recent innovations in cybersecurity.
Consulting, Training and Conference Services
You want a tailor-made training, you are looking for speakers or you have specific needs that require a great deal of discretion? Our specialists in information security consulting, intelligence and digital forensics will know how to offer you a personalized solution.
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Cyber investigation and threats analysis
Protect your employees and resources with our team of cyber-investigators. Our system for analyzing data and profiles on social networks and the Dark Web, as well as our automated threat alerts become your digital armor.
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Intrusion monitoring and detection
Our cyber security analysts scan the corners of your networks to prevent and block digital threats. You are then protected from losing control of your sensitive data and external cyber attacks.
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Vulnerability Assessment
Discover exploitable flaws on your website and / or computer network before malicious hackers. Our vulnerability detection application prioritizes potential risks, defending you upstream.
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